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Surrounded by family, friends, and supporters at her home, Jill Cooper, announced that she is running for State Representative in the 55th Legislative District which includes parts of northern
Westmoreland County.


“Aside from my family, being an advocate for the things we care about in our community, state, and country has been my calling,” answered Cooper when asked why she decided to run for the office.


After graduating from Plum High School and Grove City College, Jill went on to establish a successful career with Alcoa in Sales and Marketing and married Leighton Cooper.  Jill decided to retire in the early 2000s to raise their children, Shelby and Blake.


Beginning in 2009, Jill started becoming more vocal and active in local, state and eventually federal matters, “I realized how many people felt the way that I did about the decisions made in government, I was compelled to give them a voice.” Since, Jill has been a tireless advocate to shape and change policies for the conservative issues that the people of Westmoreland County care about the most.


“I’m not afraid to stand up for what Republicans believe in,” said Cooper.


“I’ve really never met anyone who has the ability to get so many people moving in the same direction, especially when there is opposition.  When Jill talks people listen because they want to, not because they have to—its an amazing quality to have in a legislature,” said Murrysville Mayor Rege Synan.


Her community and political volunteer efforts range from working on local and federal Republican campaigns to being the elected Chairman of the Westmoreland County Republican Party, a Library Board Member, Westmoreland County Workforce Investment Board Member, volunteer at Cornerstone Church, and much more in between.


“We have been on the forefront of so many issues in our community, state, and nation.  It’s time for us to take our conservative vision directly to the Capitol.  I want to make our region stronger than it has ever been.  For too long, people who represent us seem to forget about the things that matter most to us once they arrive in Harrisburg.  The world is changing, our lives are changing but Harrisburg seems to be doing the same thing.  I have been going to the mat for Republicans and conservative issues for over a decade, I won’t stop now, and I will never be bullied,” said Cooper.


When asked why run for office now, Cooper responded, “with the Wolf/Biden economy we need leaders right now who will stand up to keep our schools about learning not agendas, our communities about families not class warfare, our words about expression not control, our guns safe, our elections honest, our jobs secure, and our government about us not them.”

"As your representative, I pledge to you that
I won't forget where I come from or who I work for:

the families, children, and seniors right here at home."